Battery Categories Secondary Button Series (ML) 3.0v

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

The ML series cells are made up of lithium manganese dioxide. The charging and discharging principle classified ML series as suitable for the rechargeable requirement devices at a high open circuit voltage in comparison to aqueous batteries and thus, increases the amount of power that can be transferred at a lower current. In particular to the products that are given of a limited space for battery placements, and require a rechargeable power supply, ML batteries are highly recommended. ML cells are widely used in medical equipment, toys etc.

Key Features – Benefits with Newsun®
-light weighted, high voltage and energy density
-stable long service time and discharge characteristic
-good storage functionality
-Excellent steady discharge characteristics
-Excellent operating temperature characteristics


  • Rechargeable characteristics
  • Environmental friendly
  • Small size and light weight with high voltage and energy density
  • Excellent operating temperature characteristics
  • Immune from leakage
  • Good characteristics in wide and varied operation conditions
  • Adaptable to custom-made rechargeable products
  • Stable and long service life

Battery Feature Keys

Single Battery
PVC Wraping
Plaster Case
Battery Holder

Battery List

Modelsort descending Capacity (mAh) Voltage (V) Weight ±15% (g)
ML2032 50 3.6 2.8 Enquiry
ML2430 110 3.6 4.0 Enquiry
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