Battery Categories Secondary Polymer Series PL 3.7v

Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium polymer battery outer covering is only 0.13mm thick with aluminum laminate film. This battery’s characteristics are of its highly flexible dimension, capacity, specifications, low self discharge rate, high energy density and environmental friendliness. PL battery is composed of several identical secondary cells in parallel to increase the discharge current capability and in series to increase the total available voltage. Thus, battery’s discharge temperature can be ranged from -10 C to 80C and is capable to modify with a protection circuit to ensure an excellent safety level. PL battery is widely used in medical equipment, mobile phone, power bank; tablet PC, Bluetooth, navigation system, portable media products etc. As PL cells are tailor made dimensions based on customer's design, we have only listed part of the models below for your kind reference. Please contact us for more details regarding the model and capacity.

-Efficient tooling development capabilities and flexible dimensions to meet customer's needs. We can tailor made the battery size as slim according to the product design.
-The use of aluminum laminate film for packaging provides light-weight advantage in comparison with other rechargeable categories.
-The capacity and density of lithium polymer battery is generally higher than the same category liquid type lithium battery.
-Professional protection circuit board design and development capabilities increases the safety of the battery
-Good durability of operation at high temperature, which reduces the chance of bloating
-Internal resistance is small, which increases the battery capacity
-Excellent comprehensive performance, including cycle performance as well as charge and discharge cycle life

Since lithium polymer batteries are based on the size of the customer’s design requirements tailored. So advocates provide your battery size, capacity, and any additional requirements to customize your unique battery.


  • Lithum-ion Polymer
  • Rechargeable characteristics
  • Highly flexible dimension depending on customer design
  • High drained series
  • Light weighted
  • Provide a high energy density
  • Capable to modify with protection circuit to ensure excellent safety level
  • Elimination of leakage
  • Higher cost-to-energy ratio in comparison to all other kinds of rechargeable battery categories
  • Extremely efficient in custom-made battery performance
  • Wide range operating temperature conditions

Battery Feature Keys

Single Battery
PVC Wraping
Plaster Case
Battery Holder

Battery List

Modelsort descending Capacity (mAh) Voltage (V) Weight ±15% (g)
PL303030 140 3.7 4.0 Enquiry
PL403759 700 3.7 14.0 Enquiry
PL504363 1 400 3.7 24.0 Enquiry
PL603252-3S1P 1 100 11.1 60.0 Enquiry
PL732457-3P2S 2 600 7.4 90.0 Enquiry
PL9067130 11 000 3.7 205.0 Enquiry
PL9570140-4S3P 25 000 3.7 2 300.0 Enquiry
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