Power Battery

Customized batteries NEWSUN® experienced and creative engineering team can design the most suitable battery pack for customers to meet the needs of the electronic products in the 21st century. Let NEWSUN® assists you in developing your lithium-ion battery pack. As NEWSUN® uses European Union’s based technology as the foundation for the protection circuit board assembly, our PCB pack ‘s safety and functionality is very reliable and secured. The battery capacity can be maintained over "maximize.”

Main applications: power battery is the tool provides power to the power source, multi-fingered battery powered electric cars, electric trains, electric bicycles, golf carts.


  • Protection circuit board adopts a specialized lithium battery protection IC:
  • -Provides comprehensive and reliable protection performance: high accuracy over-charge / over-discharge / two way protection / balance voltage detection;
  • - Three way over-current detection and delay (over-current 1/ over current 2 / short circuit);
  • - Over-charge / over-discharge protection delay adjustable;
  • - Offers two redundant over-charge protection to ensure maximum safety of lithium battery use;
  • -Embedded microcontrollers to reverse charge protection;
  • -Weak control discharge switch; extremely low quiescent current consumption