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Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery

Newsun offers a complete range of primary lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) CR button cell with good characteristics in wide and varied conditions; it can satisfy diverse demands in different application fields. These batteries are widely used in different applications such as car key, remote control, motherboards, medical industry electronics (keyless entry, glucose monitor, heart rate monitors), RFID, IOT applications, logistic system and electronics, measuring equipments,  payment systems, toys etc.

Newsun’s lithium manganese dioxide batteries meet the highest quality standards and have excellent reliability. Based on the outstanding cell performance and reliability of Newsun’s batteries, we have earned of trustworthy reputation from customers globaly and in widely diversified fields. 

Key Features 

·    Small size and light weight with high voltage and energy density

·    Excellent cell performance

·    Good characteristics in wide and varied operating conditions

·    Superior leakage resistance, shelf life and operational life

·    Design/assembly flexibility

·    All Newsun button cell are UL recognized products

·    Environmental friendly (RoHS, No Mercury) 

·    Wide range of capacity and dimensions, compatible in different application  

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